Welcome on my Homepage!

I am a collector of everything about David Brown tractors. My David Brown Tractor Collection contents the following David Brown Tractors: 

1490 2WD, 990 (1974), 50D (1955), Cropmaster (1948), 30D (1954) a 2D Vineyard (1957). Not on the picture 30C 1ste series (1953) and  1490 4WD. There is also a David Brown Industrial Engine Unit in the collection.

I also collect leaflets, enamel signs and scale models of David Brown tractors.

I am the David Brown Tractor Club representative  for The Netherlands and Belgium.

Emails are welcome and will be always answered:

Martien Hermans
 Molensteeg 32
5104 EM Dongen
Tel./Fax: +31(0)162 322 121