The restoration of my David Brown 50D. (1999-2001) 
Here the tractor just arrived from Canada and unloaded from the container.
The tractor was stored with a broken engine in a shed for 18 years with his previous owner.
There is a lot of work to do.
Head taken off searching for the problem of the broken engine.
Tank and dashboard taken off.

Clutchhouse en steeringhouse taken off.

Engine lifted.
Crankshaft, pistions and liners talen off.
Broken camshaft en crankshaft.
Pistons, crankshaft and camshaft and main bearings.
More engine parts waiting to put back on the engine.
Radiateur, grill and enginehood.
Spraying first parts in primer.
Engine rebuild en put back on.
New tires.
Rimes restored en other tires on it.
The tractor on his own wheels after a long time.
Tractor just back from the painter and almost rebuild.
First show with the tractor on the HMT-show Panningen (NL) july 2001.
There is lot of interest for this 50D.
Second show with tractor on the HMCK-show  Weelde (B), august 2001.